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Rookie Card Feat. Supastition

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After taking a break from music, Dirty Needles finally releases his long-awaited debut album titled Finally. This project took 4 years to come to fruition and Dirty mixes his love for Boom-Bap, Rock, and Pop Punk into a petri dish of audio delight.



This album has become a favorite among fans, as it has many catchy songs paired with amazing instrumental melodies. Dirty Needles and Kollectiv worked incredibly hard on all the lyrics and accompanying arrangements and are proud to be able to present fans with this amazing album.



This album reflects a new turn in their career as a Hip-Hop Artist. With Cathartic, Dirty Needles has created some of his most compelling and personal work to date.


The Lootbox

If you’re a fan of punchlines, witty rhyme schemes and gaming? Then this is the project for you! Dirty Needles & Kollectiv teamed up again for another chapter in their musical saga. Each artist incorporates their love for music and gaming in this new album that’ll please fans old and new.


Dirty Needles   Kojima

Dirty Needles Kojima

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