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In 2007 Dirty Needles states that he “fell out of love with Hip-Hop” every avenue pursued seemed to lead to a dead end. This would send our hero back to college and content with being a fan of hip-hop. The hiatus only held up for a few years as listening to hip-hop would bring Dirty Needles back to the microphone. After graduating and moving to Cleveland, Ohio for work, Needles would run into a producer who shared his love for music. The two would get together for a session where Needles planned to work on one track and hang it up. A few songs later and their sessions would lay the groundwork for Dirty Needles return in “Finally”.

“Finally” was Dirty Needles debut album released in 2017 and covered everything emcee had gone through over the ten-year span between his hiatus and now. Needles put everything on the line in “Finally,” covering his depression, introversion, heartbreak, and everything in between. “Finally” would received coverage from and YouTube Luke James. With his debut album out Dirty Needles is “Finally,” living his truth. It doesn’t stop there as our hero would keep the momentum going by releasing his sophomore album “Paradise” produced entirely by Kollective. Keeping the boom-bap style, “this is initially what “Finally” was supposed to be before the direction shifted...I just wanted to have fun”. The album well received with YouTube Luke James reviewing the album higher than his debut.



Ohio emcee Dirty Needles started rhyming back in 8th grade, motivated and inspired by the likes of A Tribe Called Quest’s “Midnight Marauders”. Fast forward to 2001 and Needles came up with his name watching a Discovery Channel documentary. Specifically a documentary on drug abuse and the ILL effects it could have, hence Dirty Needles was born. Pursuing a career in music is no easy task and between 1999 and 2005, Needles started and scrap multiple projects. With a Do-It-Yourself approach and the rise of, Dirty Needles began uploading his music in 2001. Eventually, the Ohio native would join a collective called The Audioholics where he truly began to sharpen his skills and learn about song structure and where he fits in as an artist. Unfortunately, the Audioholics disbanded, this combined with his frustration with the music industry led him to leave the microphone on hiatus in 2007.

There are many ways to describe Dirty Needles, but unique, talented, and charismatic just seem to scratch the surface. However, there is one word that ties them all together and is true to their character: Dirty Needles is Real. Few people rap so honestly from their heart and soul. Dirty Needles does so in just the right way, combining art, story, and song in perfect unison. Take a look around the site, and explore what the gift of music truly is.

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